Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

Mankind will not stay forever on Earth, but in pursuit of light and space, it will first timidly penetrate beyond the atmosphere, and then conquer all the circumsolar space

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky

It was a two-day spontaneously planned shooting in the mountains for Cosmonautics Day

@akrillart called and asked if there was a desire to participate in the project, to which I answered without hesitation — YES
Our team collected the necessary props, forgotten somewhere in the warehouses and drove to the Shelter of the Winds 2256 on the slope of the Alpik

On the first night, there was very little light, the moon almost did not illuminate the mountains, so it was decided to wait until dawn. That night there was absolute calm on the summit and we put on the light, threw ourselves on snowmobiles to the weather station and filmed in some kind of ecstasy

Each shot and penetration delighted our entire group and 6 hours of shooting turned into one moment when we turned around and saw that it was already dawn!

“Guys, we need to do everything faster! Let’s shoot, asked @your_damchik☀️This morning ended with music, tea at dawn in the mountains and a feeling of incredible pride in yourself and your work


Second day
This night was a little brighter, the mountains were beautifully drawn in the night, but it was already quite windy, and there was a feeling that we had not even descended from the mountain. This day was very productive, less emotions — more business and professionalism.

Ph: @perelude_photo
Video: @akryllart
Assistant: @your_damchik
Astronaut: @kojlin

Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket


Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

Sunrise in the mountains “Shelter of the Winds” 2256 m

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket


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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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Austronaut 2256. Photographer Phuket

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